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Kununurra is located in far northern Western Australia, at the eastern extremity of the Kimberley Region. It is situated approximately 37 kilometres from the Northern Territory border and 3,040 kilometres north-east from Perth. 

Kununurra was established in 1960, as a construction centre for the Ord River Irrigation Scheme, so it is a fairly modern town and its population is relatively young. The lifestyle is generally described as ‘laid back’ and Kununurra has a tropical monsoonal climate with two seasons – wet and dry. January and February are the wettest months and offer spectacular sights of raging waterfalls and roaring rivers. The Mirima (Hidden Valley) National Park, just north of Kununurra, provides stunning views across the East Kimberley region and some fantastic bushwalking trails. There is a variety of wildlife within the national park including numerous bird species, marsupials and reptiles. Kununurra is the largest town in Western Australia north of Broome and its closest neighbour is the town of Wyndham, which is located 100 kilometres away..

Residents of Kununurra have access to retail outlets (supermarkets, specialty stores and newsagencies), a police station, medical services including a well equipped hospital and specialist services such as a dentist, physiotherapy and maternity facilities. All four major banks are located within the town along with sporting facilities, a post office, restaurants, hotels and accommodation and a leisure complex equipped with a swimming pool. 

Schooling options include Kununurra District High School, which comprises of a primary school, high school teaching up to year 10 and teaching from year 10-12 via distance education. The town also has a number of additional smaller schools including St Joseph's primary school, the Barramundi School and a TAFE college. 

Industry and Employment
At the time of the 2006 Census, the most common industries of employment for residents in Kununurra were:
Other Non-Metallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying - 8.4%
School Education- 5.6%
Local Government Administration- 4.8%
Accommodation- 4.3% 
Hospitals- 3.3%.

Kununurra also has a key farm industry and the town has a melon picking season which attracts migratory farm workers to the area. There is also a thriving tourism industry with most tourist operators capitalising on the scenery of the Ord River, Lake Argyle, Diversion Dam and other local locations including the relatively nearby Bungle Bungles.

At the time of the 2006 Census the population of Kununurra was 3,748. Of this, 51.4% were males, 48.6% were females and 26.5% was indigenous Australians. 

Housing Market

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