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  1. Tenants - The rental application

    Tenants - The rental application

    The application form will ask questions about your address, work, prev...

    Tuesday, 6 December 2011
  2. Landlord - Obligations

    Landlord - Obligations

    Landlords rights and obligations can be found in the Residential Tenan...

    Monday, 12 December 2011
  3. Tenants - The final inspection

    Tenants - The final inspection

    When you are going to move out, you must leave the place in the same c...

    Friday, 9 December 2011
  4. Landlord - Abandoned Premises

    Landlord - Abandoned Premises

    As the landlord, if you believe the premises have been abandoned and y...

    Monday, 12 December 2011
  5. Tenants - Rent Increases

    Tenants - Rent Increases

    Before the rent is increased the landlord must be given 60 days notice...

    Tuesday, 6 December 2011